Give Kids Hope, Thailand

We have partnered with Give Kids Hope in northern Thailand for a number of years. Under the direction of Stephen and Sammy Darby, they have developed an incredible work, giving little girls from the indigenous hilltop tribes, a wonderful home and education. 


They have a rice field, to be self sustaining, plus a  vegetable green house.  We have taken a team to work at this wonderful home and to work alongside these precious little girls, was a very rewarding experience.  This home reaches out to other underprivileged children from the hilltop tribes, helping them get to school to attain a better future. 

Immanuel Children's Home, Myanmar

We have supported Immanuel Children’s Home in Myanmar for a number of years. We have built a new home for the girls, bought a rice field and tractor to be self sustaining. We have bought the home a generator, since the country is under military rule and the hydro in can off for days.  We also got the director Joel, a new computer.  We have given a scholarship to one of their students to attend university. We are so thrilled to see the progress in this home.  The children are hard workers, helping with the rice field, and growing a vegetable garden.  

Immanuel Children’s Home was required buy government orders, to show they were self sustaining, so we bought them a rice field and a tractor to run the field.  After one year, they had such a incredible harvest that they have enough rice for the home for a year plus they sold enough rice to help with their food supply. Our desire is to see each orphanage become self sustaining and train the children to work in the fields. 


C.U.R.E Foundation, Philippines

We have been part of the C.U.R.E Foundation in Cebu, Philippines since its inception.  This is a home up in the mountains of Cebu, where little girls are brought, when they are rescued from cyber-sex trafficking.  It is a safe place completed surrounded by high bar-wire fencing.  This home provides love, care, spiritual nurturing, plus education.  Over 40 young girls call Rancho Cristo their home.  We have been involved in building cottages, kitchen, library plus playground equipment.  We also had a water filtration system installed.  We are so thrilled to see the advancement of this home, and now to see these children graduating and going on to university, is so rewarding.  We have helped these children with our scholarship fund. We are privileged to work with Bart and his wife Jolene as directors of this amazing children’s home. 


Mission Dove, Cambodia

We support the work of Mission Dove in Cambodia. 

Bethel Beijing, China

Bethel Beijing is a home for Blind children. It was established by Guillaume and Delphine Gauvain who came from France, many years ago. This home was one of a number of such like homes in China.  We were privileged to go here a number of times. The children are very gifted and talented. Their talents are often recognized on local television. The work with blind children is so rewarding because these children have no limits on where they can go. They don’t have visual hindrances like most people have. They simply trust the workers and are always pushing their limitations. We love these precious little children and look forward to the day we can return. 


Shanghai Healing Home, China

In Shanghai, China we help a baby orphanage.  We had an incredible experience visiting this home and seeing all the sweet children who are rescued and now receiving loving care by the workers.  Many of the children need surgery or other medical care, so the needs for this care is constantly required.  Under the direction of Aaron Gfeller and his wife.  They have adopted one of these little ones.  We admire their limitless love to these children under the age of 2. 


The Bright Connection, China

The Bright Connection is a home in southern China that houses a number of physical and mentally challenged children. This home provides 24 hour care for these precious children who are usually abandoned on the doorstep. We are so thankful to the founders, Maggie Davis and her husband John, many years ago, and returned to the United States in their senior years along with a child they adopted from this orphanage. The Bright Connection continues to thrive under the leadership of Taohua and her husband Charlie. There are 25 children and 15 full time staff to run this home. A monthly cost of $15,000USD is required to operate this home. We always need assistance with this home. 

House of Hope, Vietnam

House of Hope in Vietnam is a home for orphans found sometimes roaming the Forrest, eating green plants or bugs, and now they find comfort and love in this home.  They now have a bed to sleep on and food to eat.  Under the leadership of Pastor Moses Phung this home continues to rescue children and placing them in a safe environment. We continue to support this home to buy food, and clothing for these dear children.  We are privileged to help this home with daily needs. 


Centre of Peace, Cambodia

Center of Peace was established a number of years ago, by Bophal who was an orphan herself from a young age in the capital city of Phnom Penh.   Her desire was to start an orphanage and when we met Bophal she had a large orphanage, educating and feeding over 50 children.  We supported this home for many years, also taking a team of volunteers to work with the children.  The children grew up and we provided a scholarship for one of the high achievers.  We continue to support the work of Bophal and her husband Brian, as they work with the needy children of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 


Lighthouse Grace Academy, Kenya

We are presently working in two different slums in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. In the Mathare slum we have the Lighthouse Grace Academy. 14 years ago we began our partnership with this school.  The school needed to be replaced so we finished phase 1 of this new school and just recently we were at the grand opening of phase 1. This school has over 200 students.

We have provided iPads for learning, which are solar operated.  We have bought a van for transporting students from outside the slums, who can pay for their education, and this helps with paying staff and feeding the children lunch each day.


We built a medical clinic on site and have had medical camps from time to time, serving over 700 people in a 12 hour period.  We anticipate this clinic to operate full time in the near future. We continue to assist with needs and feeding the children each day. 


Grace Care Home, Kenya

Grace Care Home began  in 2007 when 2 tribes came against each other in a tribal war.  There were many adults who died in this battle and that left 75 orphan children to be cared for. Bishop gathered them up and took them to another slum where they would be safe and he established an orphanage for these children. 

Today many of these children have grown up and gone through school and some even on to university. International Humanitarian Hope has helped sponsor some of these children, with scholarships. 


This school has won many nation wide awards, in music, drama, sports etc. these children are champions.  What a delight to visit this home each time we go to Nairobi.  At this time there are 38 orphans in the home, and beside these children, the orphanage opens their doors to other slum children, and they provide schooling for the underprivileged. Presently they have 340 children attending the school, beside the 38 orphans who live on site. Our recent project has been to build a new school – 3 stories,  to replace some of the old buildings which were in dire  need of replacement.  We continue to support the orphans an for $30/month you can’t sponsor an orphan. The full amount goes to the support without administration fees.  We are so privileged to see the advancement of these children, and the warm and loving home they live in.