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Code Of Conduct


IHHS director or whoever is in charge of the volunteer group, has the full
authority to carry out the following rules and restrictions when you travel
on a humanitarian trip organized by IHHS. All rules apply to the full
length of the trip, but if you decide to extend your trip, you do not
represent IHHS and your plans are not restricted to our policies and
procedures. Your tax receipt will be prorated according to the time
you spent with the group.

1. I will act responsibly, to care for my fellow team-mates and be watchful
for security and possible accidents.

2. I will conduct myself in a proper attitude since I am representing IHHS and
the humanitarian work we are doing, to better the life of those we serve.
If assigned work that you are unable to take part in, please see the director.

3. I will not leave the group to attend to other things(eg. taking pictures,
sightseeing etc) without notifying the director of the group.

4. I will be punctual for all the events and if at all possible, I will not hold my
group back from leaving on time.

5. I will not partake of any alcoholic substance or any form of illegal drug use,
while I am travelling with an IHHS group.

6. I understand that if I violate from the Code of Conduct, that I can be sent home
ahead of scheduled travel, under the direction of the person in charge of the group.

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