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Cebu, Philippines – Trafficking

We were so thrilled to see this large kitchen facility plus dining room for the girls at Rancho…the girls will have an opportunity to take culinary training. Thank you IHHS sponsors for making this happen. We honor Cindy Côte for her hard work to raise funds to see this project completed. 

Through the generous supporters of IHHS we were able to dig a well and put in the finest water filtration system. 

Rancho ni Cristo Promotion from CURE Foundation on Vimeo.%%wppa%% %%slideonly=12%%

Cebu, Philippines has now captured our attention. We will be partnering with C.U.R.E Foundation
as they establish safe homes for children they rescue from the sex trafficking in Cebu. Homes are being built,
to accommodate the children and house-parents will give them protective care,
so that these dear children can be raised in a safe, happy environment.

We met with the directors of this Foundation, and we fully endorse the work they are doing
with the rising need of a facilities they are building.

IHHS will partner with this Foundation and Oct 2014, we will return to Cebu to hold a conference,
which will be for the education of mothers on valuing their precious children.

Thank you for partnering with us, in this endeavor.

The CURE foundation rescues small children from sex trafficking and they
have safe houses up in the mountains to give the children a good
stable environment to grow up in – these are children, ages 3-8
We are so priviledged to partner with such a cause as CURE Foundation.
Presently these small homes are being built and more financial help is required to
complete the projects.

It was our privilege to visit the safe homes for little children exploited in the Philippines. House number 3 in nearing completion. The 13 children are happy, healthy and enjoying their safe environment.

Help us complete this project. Projected plans would be to build a complete village to accommodate many more children being rescued.
Estimate cost of $50,000cad per house. Consider this project in your charitable giving!


Please visit the CURE Foundation:

Urgent Needs for the Philippines

IHHS has taken on a project this year to build a safe houses for children ages 2-12 in Cebu, Philippines who are being sexually exploited. As we visited this island and saw the need, we were aware that we could do something to help.

We are partnering with CURE Foundation – who is presently rescuing these abandoned children and
taking them over 2 hours outside the city, in the mountains, and they are placed in a safe house with house parents,
and they begin their life of recovery, and education.

We have accomplished so much in this project… we have completed a home, provided clean water for the children, provided furnishings for the school which  opened September 2018 … we are excited to take a team of workers to work at this project October 2018.

Evelyn Picklyk, President and Founder
International Humanitarian Hope Society