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Myranmar (Burma) – Emmanuel Children’s Home

Immanuel Childrens Home needed a girls dorm, so recently we were able to have this building constructed and furnished.  This provides a wonderful place for the girls to have privacy and still interact with the orphanage.  There are 29 children in this home. 

They work hard to be self sustaining, growing produce and livestock.  


It was such a pleasure to meet our director of the Emmanuel children’s home, Joel and to hear his heart for his nation and for the deserted children. Presently they have 25 children, and some of the children are soon completing high school and approaching university.  We receive scholarship funds for children accepting to post secondary education.

A simple lifestyle for these orphans in Myanmar …. They receive shelter, education and food…thanks to the support of International Humanitarian Hope Society
Director: Joel Kei Laui Thang
Location: Tahan, Kalay District, Myranmar (Burma)

We built a Girls Home at Immanuel Children’s Home … many thanks to the supporters of IHHS who made this possible. The Home was named House of Grace ..named after one of the top givers to this project.