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Give Kids Hope – Thailand

Give kids hope in northern Thailand continues to work at becoming self sustaining.  They are plants rice fields, raising chickens and greenhouses for raising vegetables. Recently the storms destroyed the greenhouses, so IHHS was able to help with the construction of new greenhouses.  

We were so excited to stay at this beautiful peaceful home on our recent visit. 36 sweet little children, yet so joyful. Some of these children are orphans, and others come from the Hill top tribes where they would never be given a education and a hope for their future. Give Kids Hope provides education and spiritual guidance for each life.

We went shopping for Christmas presents and playground equipment.


In the village of Mae Suai, northern Thailand we found this wonderful orphanage that has two homes. One home houses 42 girls, preparing them for a wonderful life ahead. In a nearby Lappa village, this same home runs a day care for 24 children under age 2.

Give kids Hope continues to grow in northern Thailand…now a second home has been finished and soon more little girls will be added to the increasing need for housing.
The children join the Buddhist school each Sunday morning and they share a Christian service together with food and fun!

There are many needs we will be helping them with this coming year. Under the directorship of Stephen and Sammy Darby,

these children are receiving a very secure upbringing.