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Africa, Nairobi, Kenya – Grace Children’s Home

We have continued to provide scholarships for graduates from Grace Care Home..Nairobi, Kenya.
Here are some of the high school graduates and university students who are scoring top marks and will have a great future. 

Our recent project has been digging a well for Grace Care home plus building water towers to store the water.  Another great project which will give the orphanage fresh drinking water.

Grace Care Home was established in 2007 after a tribal war, left the children orphaned, when their parents were brutally killed.  

The current structure for the orphans, is in need of replacement.  The ceilings are needing replacement after torrential rains.  Bedding is needing replacement. 

We have assisted with many projects at this home, including finishing the well, paying medical bills, providing a septic tank etc. 

This orphanage presently has 80 children.  They also run a private school 

In conjunction with the orphanage so they educate 380 children each day. 

We visit this orphanage each year. This place is such a joy to visit. The children are 

Happy and it’s a privilege to partner with this work. 

IHHS assists with sponsorship of some of these orphans at $30/month per child..we need more sponsors. Please consider “adopting” an orphan or giving to our scholarship fund so children who graduate, can go on to university. The cost is approx. $1000/year, depending on the university and the courses.  

Directors George and Regina Ngige are incredible leaders who inspire the children to attain the highest education possible.  Their school participates in national competitions and have received the highest honours and awards,  for their drama and music entries.  

Letter from an orphan who received IHHS scholarship.