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IHHS Scholarships

IHHS is dedicated to aiding individuals with scholarships, in their education.

We have given scholarships to several young people in Nairobi, Kenya.
Under the directorship of George and Regina Ngige.
Scholarships range from $690 usd to $1000 usd depending on the university. University is free but when the student graduates, he must pay back his fees. Scholarships cover housing, books, food, clothing and necessities.
These children would not have a chance without getting a degree to provide a hope for their future.
Thank you for considering our scholarship fund! If you wish further information regarding sponsoring a child’s university, please email me at

Tobias will be excited to hear the good news that he will receive a scholarship of $650 usd from IHHS. Tobias aspires to be in Bachelor of Commerce and later on he wants to be a banker.

Tobias life…..
Tobias is 20years old this year, he lost his father early in his life, was brought up by his mother through a very poor background she passed on last year… we took in Tobias because his mother had been aligning for a long time, he is a helpful member of the praise & worship team.. a very good keyboardist in our Church here.
We are so thankful we can give Tobias a great future.