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International Humanitarian Hope Society is a registered charity, which has been actively coming along side existing orphanages and children’s homes to assist with projects, medical, and education needs. Our work is primarily
in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Philippines and Africa.

There are many other excellent organizations who are doing a wonderful job, so together, we each can change this world, one child at a time.

Over 20 years we have helped hundreds and perhaps thousands of children by bringing hope for a better future.

We provide scholarships for children who have an ambition to go on to university and have excelled academically in grade school.

We have helped widows get a career and start a business, and be able to take their children back from the children’s home. The possibilities are endless if we can help them becoming successful entrepreneurs. We can change the next generation, and the poverty cycle.

IHHS also cares for the medical needs of the children. Under our efforts we built a medical clinic in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya which serves the people who cannot afford medical help. Minor surgeries are performed as well.

As a mother and grandmother, I love the work I am doing but my ambition is to share my experiences with others, so they too, can help change the world. We take teams to work in the orphanages and to give people have a lifetime experience.

Our work is funded through partners and supporters who are seeing the tremendous results of our efforts. We always welcome more support as the needs are vast.

We regularly visit the different orphanages and children’s homes, to stay in touch and monitor the progress of the projects.

We welcome more supporters. Tax receipt are issued at the end of the fiscal year for all donations.